Tree People

Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – turntable, objects, pedals
John Hegre [Bergen] – guitar, pedals
Morten J. Olsen [Berlin]  – drums, electronics

TP came together to perform noise at an earsplitting level –  the idea to sculpt music at an maximum volume and density with at the same time great interest and focus on detail. The reference is more clearly rooted in Xenakis being pushed through a massive backline and distortion than the link to the standard noise underground. The three band members are at the same time involved in groups like MoHa!, Ultrlyd, Noxagt, Jazkamer, Perlonex or Snake Figures Arkestra.

call it minimal noise, new noise, prog nois, christian noise,  doom noise, heavy noise, rhythm’n noise, improvised noise, harsh noise, electroacoustic noise, kraut noise, folk noise, stadium, cool noise, hard noise, hot noise, trash noise, lowercase noise, traditional noise, blues noise, easy noise, smooth noise, break noise, glitch noise, country noise, melodic noise, oi noise, epic noise, punk noise, rigid noise, power noise, death noise, thrash noise, trance ritual noise, …