Claus Van Bebber [Kalkar] – turntables, vinyl
Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – turntables, objects, no vinyl

 Claus Van Bebber & Ignaz Schick met at the Garage Stralsund festival in 2005 during a turntable evening and collaborated for the first time 2006 during Schick’s twelve hour concert marathon “Erase & Reset” in Berlin. Two curated larger ensemble collaborations followed – first at Stadtgarten in Cologne 2008 (ZAM Labor) and then legendary “The International Turntable Orchestra” (T.I.T.O.) at Akademie der Künste Berlin. A duo collaboration of this two most radical and extreme German experimental turntablists has been more than overdue – especially as this projects resembles two completely different generations and approaches of record player manipulations.
While Bebber uses old vintage record players and all kinds of found vinyls Schick entirely works with a vinyless object set-up. Together they create the most obscure collages skipping from layered loopy material, strange drones to physically cut-up musique concrete reminiscences and noisy art-brut selections.
In March 2014 their experimental radio play “Radio Control” was broadcasted on
Deutschlandradio Kultur.
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