Andrea Belfi [Verona] – drums, percussion, objects, gongs, electronics
Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – turntables, objects, gongs, organ pipes, bows, electronics

Andrea Belfi and Ignaz Schick have met in Berlin & Bruxelles and after longer talks found that a collaboration could be interesting.  In 2008 they were commissioned by a small Berlin venue to do a show & they were rehearsing and recording for only an afternoon before their concert. The meeting was sort of a blind date as they have never worked together before. The music turned out to be magic enough that they decided to intensify and continue their duo collaboration. After a few short tours  and & several concerts in Switzerland, Italy & Berlin their first album “The Myth of Persistence of Vision Revisited” was recorded and has been released in early 2011 on Zarek.

Belfi is using his minimal set up of snare drum, cymbal, gongs & electronics while Schick is limiting his rotating surfaces mainly to bows & gongs and some sparse use of a loop delay. The music is a nice blend of different things ranging from Belfi’s postrock and electronica to Schick’s electro-acoustic improv and drone.