Joke Lanz [Berlin/Zürich] – turntable, vinyl
Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – 
turntable, vinyl
Dawid Szczesny [Berlin/Wroclaw] – 
turntable, vinyl
JD Zazie [Berlin/Florence] – 
turntable, vinyl

Brand new Berlin based turtable quartet with strong focus on cutting up vinyl creating a very abstracted form of dense plunderphonics, obscure musique concrète and dynamic collages. Four internationally renonwned sound artists with deep roots in various forms of turntablism coming from such different backgrounds as electronica/hip hop, plunderphonics, noise and experimental electro- acoustics. The first rehearsals & recording sessions & concerts proved: this is band has an amazing potential. No rules except “each player must limit him/herself to use only one turntable”