Mwata Bowden [Chicago] – clarinet, baritone saxophone, didgeridoo
Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – turntable, objects, bows, gongs, electronics

Mwata Bowden & Ignaz Schick met for the first time many years ago at an Austrian jazz festival. Schick, at the time still a young kid and full of huge enthusiasm for Afroamerican Free Jazz had just started playing music – Mwata Bowden at the time in his mid 30ies belonging to the second generation of the AACM and collaborating with players like Ed Wilkserson, Kahil El’Zabar or Ernest Dawkins. Both had completely lost contact eversince. About 25 years later the two randomly bumped into each other during Schick’s 2010 North America tour during a concert of the AACM Experimental Band in Chicago’s legendary venue “Velvet Lounge” on the Southside. They decided to take the opportunity of the surprising occasion and organized a spontaneous rehearsal & recording session. At the first glance Schick’s abstract electro-acoustic and object based turntable manifestations and the virtuoso & deeply blues and roots related clarinet and baritone playing of Bowden rooting in the Afro-American avant jazz traditions don’t seem an obvious match. But the two seemingly opposing worlds immediately blend into a thrilling and extremely exciting new music which is carefully linking Berlin abstract Electro-Acoustic music with Chicago Great Black Music visions.

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