R Keenan Lawler [Louisville] – resonator guitar
Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – turntables, motor, objects/bows

R Keenan Lawler and Ignaz Schick met way back in 2001 during the legendary X-Noise Tour in the USA. Lawler set up a Perlonex show in Louisville and joined Perlonex for a recording session a few days later. There was a strong & immediate connection between the two artists and both stayed in contact eversince waiting for a possible opportunity to collaborate. In 2010 Ignaz Schick toured & performed intensively North America. This gave the duo a perfect opportunity to perform 10 concerts together throughout the East Coast and Midwest. The first night of the tour found them opening up for Mali Blues legend Vieux Farka Toure and without previous rehearsals the music took off instantly. Even though waiting so many years to collaborate they had a blind understanding for a very obscure microtonal drones and bowed music. From there and throughout the entire tour they just kept on developing and intensifying this obscure and odd piece of music which could be mistaken as a clone style settling somewhere between harry partch, mutated blues and 20th century contempoary string music. They have recorded several live-sets which will be released soon and gave another legendary duo concert in 2011 at The Enemy Chicago.