Nighthawk Kitchen

Mat Pogo [Berlin/Florence] – vocals, cd-player
Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – turntable, motors, objects

Mat Pogo and Ignaz Schick met on the Berlin scene and started collaborating in August 2009. So far they have given several in the meantime legendary concerts in Berlin and also toured France, Italy and Switzerland. All meetings happened without any prior rehearsals. Both share a blind understanding for timing and composition and their music is fast moving and intense.
They create a musical style which clearly refers to cut-up collage & noise music, but in contrast to earlier movements the material of choice use is rather abstract and electro-acoustic.

In February 2010 they went into the studio but decided to trash all the recorded materials in favor for a live-album which they have been recording during concerts throughout the entire year of 2011. In early 2012 they also produced and recorded two subsequent nights in Berlin entitled “The Heat of the Night”. For this evenings they performed 4 contrasting suites and sets switching and fading from their Harsh Noise to the Cool Jazz of Sven-Ake Johansson’s Cool Quartett. Again it is not clear if the taped music will be released or if they prefer to stay without official release preserving their performance exclusively as a live-experience.

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