Burkhard Beins – percussion, objects
Axel Dörner – trumpet, laptop
Robin Hayward – tuba
Annette Krebs  – electro-acoustic guitar
Andrea Neumann – inside piano, mixing desk
Michael Renkel – acoustic guitar, laptop
Ignaz Schick – turntables, objects, electronics

This electro-acoustic “supergroup” was formed way back in “those days” when the Berlin scene was percepted as “silent” or “reductionist”. To me though the groups always sounded more like beautifully crafted “noise concrete”. In the early days frequent rehearsals and aesthetic discussions took place to find a common ground and to shape ideas and the music. The group never had a leader and decision making has always been a basic democratic process. Concerts have always been somewhat rare occasions and in the meantime the ensemble comes together shortly before for concerts for concentrated and intense soundcheck rehearsals. Over the years only two full length CDs have been released, but in between those two publications the development of the groups music and in parallel of each protagonist has been enormous and surprising.

|Peter Niklas Wilson: Reduktion|Schott/NMZ|Book + CD|2003||
Compilation|Labor Sonor|Charhizma|2CD|2003||
Neue Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000|Deutscher Musikrat RCA/ Sony BMG|CD|2005||
PHOSPHOR II|Potlatch|CD|2009||

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