Rotating Surfaces

“Rotating Surfaces is a performance set up in which all sounds are created manualy and in an analog way. No records or prerecorded sounds are used. All sounds are created entirely with a unique setting using a technics mk ii turntable, a condensator clip microphone and various objects. The objects are played directly on the metal plate of the record player and are set in vibration by the friction of the rotating plate. The timbre, sound quality, loudness and pitch of sound is varying according to the pressure used and also of course in dependence to the materiality of the objects and their angle/distance to the microphone. Objects are from different kind of materials like metal (steel, aluminium, tin foil, brass cymbals, …), organic (wood, dry flowers, paper, dry leaves and plants parts, sea shells, …) plastic (polysterine, spoons, forks, plates, vinyl, flexi discs, folios) but also children violin bows and different resonators. Besides the described factors the nature of the rotating surface but also of the object itself has a big impact on the resulting sounds and textures. Metal plates sounds sharp while rubber mats a dumpen the sound and make the objects sound more mellow and subtle. Also the surface structure (holes, obstacles, hair, euneven or grained surfaces) has a direct impact on the the textures and rhythms achieved.Within the last 8 years I have spent time refining, controlling and learning this set-up and solving issues like for example controlling tonality.”

Ignaz Schick has performed this set-up since 2004: solo & with different ensemble contexts re-contextualizing it into many diverse musical & stylistic settings & situations. With Rotating Surfaces he gave performances, lectures and workshops on festivals, venues, in music factulties and in art academies like Kunstakademie Dresden, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, School of the Art Institute Chicago, UCSD San Diego, Berkeley University, Musikhochschule Mannheim, Transart Festival Bolzano, Club Transmediale Berlin, Garage Stralsund, BBK Gallery Munich, Festival für Experimentelle Musik TU Mensa München, BWA Gallery Wroclaw, Alt F4 Festival Warzawa, Musica Genera Festival Szczecin, Raum Bologna, Bipolar Festival Budapest, Les Bains Connectives & QO2 Bruxelles, QO2, Cave 12 Geneve, The Enemy Chicago, and many many more …