Ignaz Schick [Berlin] – turntable, motors, objects
Martin Tétrault [Montreal]
turntables, surfaces

Ignaz Schick & Martin Tétreault for the first time met at Garage Festival Stralsund in August 2003 and performed their first duo collaboration in April 2004 in Munich commissioned by t.u.b.e. (Gallery for Radiophonic Art). Martin Tetreault is most known for his unique style of turntabalism and his very special approach of manipulating and adapting needles, cartridges and the inner life of the machine. He has been exploring the instrument for many years and thus he has been rather influential on younger generations of turntablists.

Ignaz Schick’s electronic work has gone through different phases of instrumentation from simple bedroom tape collages & vinyl manipulations via field recordings to hard & software samplers. Over the years his scepticism towards digital technology and computers has grown and in parallel has his collection of little sound making objects. “Objets trouvés” which he has used in many different musical contexts. Within the last years the turntable has come back to his interest as a simple, fast and reactive interface. It was only a little but important step to leave the history of sampling & plunderphonics behind for exploring the machine in its most direct and basic way: a rotating plate with its surface creating friction and making objects vibrate and resonate.
Since the first meeting in 2004 Ignaz Schick & Martin Tétreault went on tour together several times in Europe. The collaboration resulted in a duo release on Ambiances Magnetiques in 2009. Besides the duo both also collaborated in other projects like “The International Turntable Orchestra (T.I.T.O.) curated by Schick at Akademie der Künste Berlin in 2009.