Ignaz Schick [Berlin]  – turntable, motors, objects, electronics
Sabine Vogel [Potsdam] – 
flutes, electronics

Ignaz Schick & Sabine Vogel have known each other for quite a while and started collaborating on a frequent basis as a duo roughly around 2005 and 2006 in parallel to their meetings within the Berlin COBRA sessions. They instantly set up a unique language of abstracted sounds: acoustic electronics  and vice versa electronic acoustics. They developed a dense musique concrète which could be also described as a performative and spontaneous approach to acousmatic music. Vogel processes flute, mouth and breathsounds via customized controllers & LISA software while Schick runs his rotation animated object sounds through a pedal sampler/looper and pitch shifter – both together creating a dense landscape of personal and unique sounds.
The duo has worked on and off since its foundation and has given legendary concerts at clubs and festivals like ausland, Stralau 68, Jazzfestival Mannheim, Bend & Break Festival Berlin and released a track on the recent Echtzeitmusik compilation. A full album waits to be mixed and mastered and will be released within 2012.