Snake Figures Arkestra

Ignaz Schick  – turntables, objects, small instruments, organ pipes, electronics
Marcel Türkowsky – modified walkmen, tapes, toy instruments, electronics

((((Throughout the last two years & until now only active as an obscure recording project with a shared passion for little instruments and armed with childish curiosity this duo is oscillating  between musique concrete, post-plunderphonics, electronica, psychedelic music, fake folk, noise & drones. Lots of strange atmospheres, many weird sounds.there were a few performances  in Germany of this duo in 2008, international touring will start in 2009)))
Besides a few quite legendary concerts & appearances, a collaboration with drone minimalist Christoph Heemann just one 3″CD was released around 2009 and the project sort of disappeared back into the obscure. There are still pretty a few very exciting tapes in the archives – so stay tuned and look out for some future surprise releases which might be popping up.