The International Turntable Orchestra

T.I.T.O. resembles 14 cutting edge experimental turntablists from all over the world. Each of the participants pushes and stretches the boundaries of what is generally know and understood as normal DJ-practize. The first edition of T.I.T.O. took place at Akademie der Künste Berlin in 2009. In a dense 4 day program the participants presented their work and unique approaches. Each participant was invited but not forced to bring concepts, scores, playing instructions and composition which were rehearsed with the entire orchestra in publicly open rehearsals in the morning sessions and then presented in the evening slots. Besides the orchestra presentations each participant also performed solos and in plus duo and quartet combinations. T.I.T.O. is currently not active but might reappear in the same or a slightly different incarnation at any given place at any time.
From August 25 to August 31 2012 Ignaz Schick will curate & tutor together with Joke Lanz and Martin Tétreault “T.I.T.O. of the Youth in Maribor/Slovenia”.