Works & Compositions

2017 “Music for Electro-Acoustic Ensemble” [voice, tp, 3x turntables, electronics, inside piano, grand piano, bass, 3x percussion]
2017 “String Quartet”
2017 “Nilreb Variations” a collection of solo pieces for various players
2017  “Splitterized” for 23 players [commissioned from Splitter Orchestra]
2017 “Rupmul Alauk” for 6 players [voice, ts, 3x electronics, toy instruments/percussion]
2017 “Ionah” for 6 players [vietnamese zither, pipa, monochord, objects, 2x electronics]
2017 “Shasta’s Ellbow” – for two players [2x Viola]
2016 “Nomon” for 9 players [tp, as, ts, 2x turntables, grand piano, organ, double bass, percussion]
2016 “Circuit Training V” for 9 players [tp, reeds, 3x live-electronics, grand piano double bass, vibraphone/percussion, drums/percussion]
2016 “Circuit Training IV” for 8 players [tp, reeds, 3x live-electronics, double bass, vibraphone/percussion, drums/percussion]
2015 “Form Structures” for 7 Players [as, tp, cl, 2x electronics, bass, percussion]
2015 “Circuit Training III” for 8 players [tp, reeds, 3x live-electronics, double bass, vibraphone/percussion, drums/percussion]
2014 “String Trio” [violin, cello, double bass]
2014 “Circuit Training II” for 6 players [reeds, 3x live-electronics, double bass, vibraphone/percussion]
2014 “Radio Control” for 2 turntablists [with Claus Van Bebber], commissioned by DLR-Kultur
2013 “Circuit Training I” for five players [reeds, 2x live-electronics, double bass, percussion]
2012-2017 “Wasserbaum – eine nomadische Oper” [2x Voice, Grand Piano, 2x Live-Electronics]
2012-2013 “The Nomadic Year Project” – a collection of texts, drawings, compositions and stories [for radio, installation or live-performance]
2012 “The Ripper [Archive]” for live-electronics [tapes, cassettes, turntables, laptop/youtube] together with Ernst Markus Stein, commissioned by ORF-Kunstradio
2012 “Plastic Fantastic” – audiovisual live-performance for cutting machine, turntables, mechanical puppets, live-electronics together with Sebastian Buczek
2010/2011 “The Paiva River Collection” for turntables & found objects
2009-2012 “Book of Music” for variable instrumentation from small ensemble to orchestra
2009 “Archival Drift” for turntable orchestra [15-25 players]
2007 “Ghosts/Vibrations” sound installation for 24 speakers and objects
2006 “Oh Mali, I miss you” sound installation for bass speaker, sand, sine and square waves
2006 “Flicker & Stutter” sound installation for 24 CD-Players & 48 speakers
2005 “Rotating Surfaces” for 1-4 players [turntable, found objects, percussion, bows, live-electronics]
2003 “Metaflexes III” for 3 performers + live-soundscape [field recordings, live-soundscapes, live-electronics, el. guitar, percussion]
2003 “Metaflexes II” for 3 performers  + live-soundscape  [field recordings, live-soundscapes, live-electronics, el. guitar, percussion]
2003 “Amplified Body 2” for 2 performer [movement + 4 turntables] with Snjezana Premus
2002 “No Tea. No Dogs” for 2 performers [movement & sound objects/electronics] with Snjezana Premus
2001 “Amplified Body” for 2 performers [movement + live-electronics] with Snjezana Premus
2001 “Metaflexes” for field recordings, live-soundscape, sampler, live-electronics [live & studio version] commissioned by Kunstradio Wien
1996/1997 “Edmundo Rosa” for 2 players + live video [2x live-electronics, 1x live-video]
1994 “Liebe macht blind” for seven players [voc, as, tp, tb, el.g, vc, perc.]
1987 “che” for one performer [as, percussion, field recordings, 4 track tape]